Behind the camera

Wedding photography is an expensive business and it is sometimes hard to have confidence in a business or person ahead of time. It's always reassuring to know that your photographer is a hard working legimate professional. Experience and hard work is a difficult thing to prove to someone who has never seen you work. 

Photographers generally fill their websites up with their very best work, their shiniest photographs-designed to seduce you into booking...but it doesn't necessarily reflect them as a person, or demonstrate their work ethic. We often hear terrible stories from guests about their own wedding photographers being late, slow, lazy leaving early, being grumpy, and bossy. It's not nice to hear and often leaves people bitter about our profession. We take great pride in providing a fun, stress free experience as much as taking the photographs themselves.


Here is a small selection of behind the scenes images of us working hard, engaging guests, working with children and of course working with couples to get those wonderful photographs.