What age should my child be for this?

We recommend them being 11-12 months old. This means they are sitting confidently but are not yet walking and is our best window to keep them sitting in front of the cake. It is why they are often done in conjunction with their first birthday.


Do I need to bring a cake to the session

Yes. You will need to bring the cake. This is to avoid any liability with regards to hygiene or allergies of your child.

What type of cake should I bring?

The cake should be 5-6” with a soft butter cream icing and a light color cake inside (no red velvet). It does not need to be anything fancy, and most local bakeries should be able to make something simple. If you prefer, you are also able to bring a homemade cake. Please leave the cake at room temperature about 2 hours before the session to ensure the frosting is nice and soft.

What should my child wear?

The words fancy or frilly come to mind, you can dress them in anything really, but it is likely to get completely covered in cake. Select an outfit that might compliment the cake colour. See our galleries for ideas on outfits.


What else do I need to bring?

Baby will need a drink, especially if it gets tucked into the cake.

You will need oodles of wetwipes as baby will need completely cleaning down at the end.


Will we get messy?

Yes, yes, yes. The set is only 5ft square and we need to keep baby from escaping as to contain the cake mess. This will mean scooping up a cake covered child many times.

You will also spend a fare bit of time trying to coax baby into playing with the cake, so be expected to tuck in yourself.

What if my child doesn’t cooperate?

This is more common than you think. While you expect children to sit there all gleeful smashing up a cake it can often be the complete opposite reaction. Some wont touch the cake at all, some don’t like mess on their hands, some simply cry and want to be picked up. If this happens we take it slow, we do it bit by bit and help things along a bit. Most of the shoots we do will have some sort of cake related breakdown halfway through…..the photos simply don’t show that.


Any tips on how to prepare my child for their Cake Smash Session?

It is a good idea to do a trial run at home a few days before with a cupcake with frosting. Some kids have never had sweets before, or have a hard time feeling dirty or messy. Giving them a chance to experience these sensations for the first time at home can make it easier on the day of the session.

My child has a small scratch/bruise or their face, is that ok?

I know kids at this age are on the move! Lots of falling and tripping. If you child has a small mark on their face, do not worry as I am able to touch it up in post.

What if my child is sick?

It happens, If the shoot is cancelled the deposit is forfeited and appointment can be remade.