About Us - The Studio

About Us

It is with great pride I can now announce that after 24 Days of had hard work, the New Photies studio is now open. The project has taken longer than anticipated but as you can see it was well worth the wait.

The studio has been designed by myself from the beginning and includes some fantastic features to optimise the space as well as add a level of professionalism to the room.

The room features include

A 4.5metre photo wall,

A cream and brown option walls.

A wall mounted background support. 

A ceiling recess for my large roller backdrops

Bluetooth enabled radiator

Chairs for guests to sit on

A desk for me to operate from

A 40 inch smart TV connected to the web

A google home, connected to Spotify

A collection of my photos on canvas

Wireless live photos sent from camera to TV while shooting

All my props, materials, toys, outfits and accessories are housed in the ample storage


As I approach the 10th anniversary of the business and the 500th Facebook album it is only fitting that the studio becomes the cherry on the cake.

As most of you know ive always worked my photography from home, initially in 2008 I had a mobile setup and travelled around, I soon outgrew this with my kit and props. I then used my reception room in my home for about 7 years, again I outgrew this, and most recently the photography took and entire floor of my house.  

A few years ago I did look at a few premises to operate from but whichever way I sliced it this would have added overheads, overheads ultimately mean charging more and doing less for each customer. I wasn’t happy about that compromise. So I decided in 2014 that I would look for a home where by it had some space to do my photography without giving up any living spaces. It was a long slog from 2014 to now with various issues with houses and moving, but it eventually happened. One month after moving in I started the conversion of the double garage into what is now my studio.

I would like to thank everyone who has pitched in to help, namely Andy Dawson my father in Law who helped me craft this beautiful room into what it has become. The main construction part of the project was done in early February when the country was deep in a cold snap and subsequent snow. Spending 12 hour a day for 14 days straight in a freezing cold garage wasn’t the most desirable way to spend your days.  I dare say I would be looking at a very different scenario if he hadn’t stepped forward to help when he did.

I would like to thank those of you (my customers) who have been with me since the beginning. There are plenty of you that have had photos in all my various setups over the years and it’s really you who has kept me motivated to continue. I hope to see you all again in the near future.

It has taken extraordinary amounts of effort, and enormous cost to complete this project but what it cost me most is time away from my family, my wife and little girl. They were without me while I whittled away in the garage each weekend and late most evenings and is by far the biggest cost.

I want to dedicate the studio to Holly & Isabelle as ultimately I do this all for them now.

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How it was done

Here we have the timelapse of my studio being constructed From day 1 to completion. From the very beginning we decided that the project would always have a timelapse camera running while we were working. Capturing very slowly over time the immense amount of work involved in getting a dirty single brick garage built into a clean heated insulated well-lit photography studio.

As you can see the room was built carefully dealing with the many obstacles it presented including every angle in the room not being square, the floor being uneven and various modifications to the building and electrics slowing the process at every turn.

Im quite proud of how this video has come together as it required consistency and dedication to collecting this many images. It makes me squeal with glee when hard projects can be documented with photography in such an effective way.

The process of capturing this was simple, take a photo every 5 seconds on a static camera and at the end combine them all together and speed them up to show 24 days of work in a mere few minutes. Each day we would cycle through batteries and memory cards, moving the camera every couple of hours. The total amount of photos taken during the project was 96,961 totalling and consuming 215gb of memory. The total length of the video was still in excess of 30 minutes. So for the sake of Facebook viewers I have sped it up even further.

The full length version can be found here