About Us - The People

About Us

Hello! I’m Martin Boyce... You may already know me, you may already have had shoots with me, maybe you’ve not. This section is just to tell you all a little bit about me as a person, what i'm like away from the camera and a little history of the business.


I started taking photographs way way back in the late 80’s early 90’s. Growing up my Dad Larry would quite proudly carry his Russian made 35mm film Zenit - E everywhere we would go. That camera was magnificent to me and there was nothing I wanted more.

Fast forward a couple of years to a summer Sunday morning, a 12 year old Martin was nosing around a car boot sale as we often did. Suddenly there it was...I stopped and saw it, a camera the same as my Dads, complete with bag, flashgun and lens filters. I asked how much-"£5 to you young man" replied the gentleman. From that day on I took photos of everything, learning the basics of shutter speeds, apertures and film sensitivity with nothing more than guidance from my Dad and trial and error spending all of my money on film and developing.

When I was 14-15 I went on to study photography at GCSE level and passed with flying colours. But this is where the education ended and the experience began.

Fast forward to my late twenties I invested in up and coming digital SLR's and used money I earned from shooting to satisfy my unquenchable desire to have better equipment.

10 Years' worth of shooting later and we have nearly amassed 1 million photos in our archives. Every single photo good or bad has created who I am as a photographer today. It's an art you can never perfect and always improve. I strive for better with every single job or project I do. 


I currently live me my fiancé Holly, she is my partner and second photographer.  I proposed to Holly in 2014 whilst in Kaikoura, New Zealand on bended knee on the sea front after we had swam with wild dolphins. She said Yes!!!

A year later and we found out we were expecting our little girl, a day which changed my life.


On a fateful night in Feb 2016 Holly woke me at 3 in the morning with “Martin, I think its started”  and less than an hour later and without midwives,  I caught my little girl as she was born right into my hands. It was one of the most amazing, life defining moments imaginable. We named her Isabelle or ‘Belle’ after her mummy's favourite Disney princess.

I am a proud new Daddy of my beautiful daughter, she smiles at me and my heart melts, she looks at me like i'm superman.


I have always been something of a fitness fanatic, training 3-4 times a week for 20 years straight. I like to keep my training diverse and my goals varied. For example, in 2013 I ran the Leicester half marathon in 1:41 and in 2014 I entered the Northampton’s Strongest Man and came 2nd (of 18). This meant taking a running physique weight of about 80 kg right up to 97kg for competition.

I love going on adventures, whether it be climbing mountains or cycling across the highlands of Scotland, if I can find the time i'll be out there with a camera strapped to my head.

I'm a keen quadcopter flyer, although they receive bad press i'm extremely responsible and use them to create wonderful videos. Some examples can be found within my video section on this website. This can be found here.

So that's me in a nutshell... photography nut, fitness fanatic, and dedicated family man. :)

Second Photographer

This is Holly... She is my fiancé, the mother of my child but also my second shooter.​

Holly started shooting for me a few years back now. At the time we were just friends; she hadn’t got any actual photography experience, but did have a huge modelling portfolio and experience in front of camera.  This in itself is a skillset and something I was a little weak on so I was keen to utilise her posing and composition skills. This led us to work on numerous creative and artistic shoots together over the coming years.

One day I offered to take her to a wedding I was booked to shoot with brief instruction of the cameras settings and told her to simply shoot guests candidly. So while I was going about the business of shooting the wedding she was off snapping. I must admit my expectations were pretty low and thought I would have to bin the images. However when we copied the images to the computer I found myself loving what she had done...and like that we become primary and secondary shooters at over a hundred weddings together.


Holly loves to take part in creative photography projects. In the past she has been covered in paint, surrounded by fire, rolling around in woodland and submersed in oceans, lakes, lochs and waterfalls all in the name of creativity. See some of her work in front of camera here.


Holly and I share our love for fitness, she trains at the gym as often as she can and she runs 3 times a week including park runs.

She loves to go climbing on inside climbing walls and more recently on real rock faces. She’s something of an action girl who is just about game for anything.  

About Us - The Business

I registered photies.co.uk on the 19th July 2004, making it over 15 year's old this year . However, way back when I bought it my photography business hadnt been conceived but instead it served as a place for my own personal photographs. In fact it was bought to store and display photos of my friends and family in a way that I could share them with everyone. All my personal photos would go on there; holidays, parties, nights out everything I took. It even allowed people to download, comment on them etc (bearing in mind this was 3 years before Facebook arrived.) I hosted all of this on a computer I had at home (parent's home) running 24/7 for over 4 years - sorry mum and dad
As time went by and Facebook grew in popularity and technical capacity, I took the step of migrating everything from Photies onto Facebook and it made the domain redundant. And that was that… or so I thought. 
About a year later I found myself taking more and more photographs. I bought myself a brand new SLR (a Nikon) and started using that instead of compacts. A few short years later my little sister Zoe had her first child, a little boy called Malachi. I took some photos of him on my new camera… they weren’t very good but good enough for them to be noticed by someone else. Before I Knew it I was photographing this and that, practicing, experimenting. When people started asking for me to take photographs for them I decided to start development of my very first website to advertise my photography services. In 2010 I started to take on work and build my experience, portfolio and knowledge and very slowly building up my gear.
Many years later, 3 website incarnations and a very busy Facebook page later - here we are.

Our Gear

If you are interested in photography or just doing your homework, finding out what gear we use, then please click our pelicase below for a look at our equipment loadout.