Dress up Photography

Welcome to our newest section... Dress Up. Where as most of the photography for children on this site is oriented in creating something nice for the adults, this section is about creating images that the children will like. Whether they are into princesses, super heroes or prefer real life heros like firefighters and astronauts well this is the place for them to realise those dreams.

How does it work?

Well there's no silly apps here, this is straight up dressup and photoshop. We have the child or children dress up in their preferred costume and put them in poses that adds a little context. We take the photographs in the studio against a solid white backdrop and using photoshop expertise we drop them into a backdrop that fits the costume and pose. Voila.

We currently have a variety of costumes in stock over a variety of ages, but children are able to bring any of their own outfits also.