Here are a collection of projects that I have planned, prepared and implemented. Each of these projects represents a significant investment in materials and time to make a reality. I find it tremendously rewarding when a project comes together and the results look amazing. I get a great sense of achievement when a project is complete.

I have included a short right up of each to let you know how I went about each project.

Holi Powder 1- 2013

The Holi powder project was inspired by watching a documentary of the Indian Holi powder festival. I wanted to find a way of using exploding coloured powder on models striking dynamic poses. My first challenge was to source sizeable quantities of Holi powder. Outside of India this was only available in very small amounts and not really economically viable for this type of shoot. I continued to do my research and found water based powdered childrens paint was the next best thing. So I ordered several buckets. The next obstacle was to find an appropriate location as throwing paint creates and enormous mess. I had scouted a few places but found a derelict warehouse with easy accessibilty. Due to the nature of the shoot we needed to do this in low light so that we could control the light. So my 2 models and I loaded up with equipment and paint went to an abandoned warehouse in the middle of the night. The next problem was shooting in the dark, getting focus on the subjects and having enough hands to throw the paint. Between the 3 of us we just about managed it. It was hard work. The photos themselves came out brilliant.



Model 1 - Holly Dawson

Model 2 - Naomi Lowe

Runaway Bride - 2012

The Runaway bride project started off with Holly buying a wedding dress off ebay with the intention of practicing posing of a bride. Before long this idea had developed its own story and alterntive locations were decided upon. Specifically 2 of the Great Central Railway stations in Leicester. Holly walked around the stations, tracks and even through the work sheds without a second thought. We got some great shots that.


Model 1 - Holly Dawson

Halloween - 2012

This Halloween collection is comprised of 3 seperate shoots, shot at 6 different locations. The first componant was the living dead which featured Holly which was created by applying liquid latex to the face and applying makeup over the top. This allowed for it to be pulled at like it was skin coming away. Futher fake blood was applied and a lovely long blond wig used. We then went outside at night and shot the images. The second componant was the 'Carrie' style shot featuring Naomi. For these went went out into some woodland and simply poored alot of corn syrup based fake blood all over her. It was extremely striking. The third componant was an all day multi location shoot. We went to several abandoned churches and an abbey looking for spookey environments to shoot in. Emma & Holly rotated through various outfits including hooded capes and vampiresk outfits. I used a combination of multple exposures and HDR for these images.


Model 1 - Holly Dawson

Model 2 - Naomi Lowe

Model 3 - Emma James

Little Red Riding Hood - 2015

The LRRH shoot was actually at a customers request. They had both a wolfdog and young daughter and had asked for me to do their shoot with the red riding hood theme. So we went around Swithland woods with their rather excitable wolfdog and captured some lovely shots of them together. 

Dust Dancers - 2013

The dust dancers shoot was conceived to show the movement of dance. I put out a casting call for dancers and devised that by covering them in copious amounts of talc powder as they performed a dance move that the dust would leave a movement trail behind it. By rear lighting them it created very visible clouds of dust.


Model 1 - Laurie May

Model 2 - Kirsty Clarke

Photies Road Trip - Scotland

Our road trips are essentially photography holidays. We pack the car with all our gear and all of stuff we can use and get out there away from home. This particular trip was to the very top of Scotland. We travelled all over finding great beaches, woodland, clifftops, lochs. It allows us to be creative without any pressure doing a bit each day that we are away. It is alot of fun and you come back home with a camera full of great stuff. We did a similar trip to Whitby the year before.


Maisie - A Special Story

Back in 2011 I was fortunate enough to book a maternity shoot for an old friend of mine Zoe. I knew Zoe from when I was 16 and working at the local Coop. She was one of the older girls who took me in and showed me the ropes, something of a big sister figure to me.

Anyway fast forward 20 years, Zoe came to me wanting her shoot, she was expecting a little girl and had already decided to call her Maisie. The shoot came and we did lots of ideas and poses as those sorts of shoots normally do. The idea was to come back after given birth and we would shoot a newborn shoot with Maisie. 
The remaining months went by and I eagerly awaited the news of Maisies arrival.

It was sometime later i received word that Zoe had gone into labour. The following day Zoe announced that the worst possible outcome had accured. Little Maisie was born asleep.

It was a terrible time for Zoe, grief stricken and publicly open about her loss many people around her would feel her pain. 

A little time passed, a year or so and I notice Zoes involvement with SANDS and other support groups relating to infant loss. Zoe without realising had become a role model for others that were going through similar ordeals.

A little time later still I was messaged in secret with an announcment. Zoe was pregnant again and wanted another bump shoot on the quiet. We did the shoot and included items which included Maisie in them. Even at this early stage Maisie was going to be included in the new childs life.

Zoe later went on to have Maia. A child born after a loss is often referred to as a rainbow baby, and I cannot think of a better word to describe Maia. 

More time has passed since then and ive been able to observe from afar Zoe's continued commitment to the child loss support circles helping those still.

What is probably most amazing is that both Zoe and Paul are keeping Maisies spirit alive by including her in all that they do. Both Keira their eldest and Maia will grow up knowing they had a sister. 


Zoe approached me with the idea for creating some images that would incorperate Maisies memory withing their family. So we all went to Bradgate park for some creative photos leaving appropriate spacing where I could add a silhouette of a little girl approx Maisies age.

A Life In Progress

Here we have Malachi, not once, not twice, but at 5 stages of his life. The first was when he was 5 months old, the second aged 3, then aged 5, aged 7 and aged 9. 
Over the years ive been able to shoot Malachi many times against white backdrops. I have carefully selected and joined them together as if all 5 were sitting together. This is a great and unique long term project of mine which will see this photo grow over the years ahead to show this wonderful little boy growing into a remarkable young man

Mali-Life in progress.jpg

A Beautiful World.

Im not much into Landscapes, but I do appreciate a good view as much as anyone else. So heres just a few Images from the very top of Scotland to the very bottom of New Zealand.