What kind of camera do you use?

Big ones! We primarily use Canon 5D Mk III Digital SLR’s, We have a range of high quality Canon EF lenses which allow us to shoot in all situations. This allows us to take photographs, even in low light, without using a flash and ruining the atmosphere. If you would like to see more about our gear please click here


Do you have backup equipment?

Yes, we take this very seriously. I have 3 camera bodies, each camera takes 2 batteries, each camera has its own speedlite. We also take additional batteries and memory cards.


Do you backup your images?

Yes, the moment we are back from a wedding the images are copied to local storage hard drive. When that is complete they are copied again to Network Area Storage (NAS)

Are the pictures copyrighted?

Yes.... but you will have full usage rights of your pictures, the right to use and print your pictures as you wish, share with friends and publish on social media. The only restriction is that if you have them published you must credit us as the photographers.

How long will it take to receive my photographs?

We usually try to upload a sample picture from your wedding day to our Facebook page on the day of your wedding with a small Facebook album to follow 1-2 weeks later. Your wedding photographs will typically be sent to you 2-3 weeks after your wedding via your selected route. During busy periods, this may take a bit longer.

Do you retouch and edit the images?

We initially cull the images to remove duplicates, bad lighting, bad faces, blinkers etc.  We then individually process every image, making minor adjustments to colour balance and such like.

I’m a firm believer that photographs don’t require a high degree of editing in terms of adding effects (fading, increasing blues, adding grain) . It has become increasingly common for photographers to attempt to sell 'unique' styling to their entire wedding albums. While this may seem novel at the time please remember that once you have the images in this edited state the process cannot be reversed. Trends often change and will mean that your photographs would soon become outdated. We shoot predominently natural colour with the occasional black and white image. We believe that black and white images are timelessly suited to weddings, however if you have a preference on this then let us know before the day and we can accommodate it. We aim to provide 600+ photographs per wedding so that you have plenty to choose from and provide the whole picture of your day.


How many photos will I receive?

We aim to deliver between 700 - 800 images. Obviously the more opportunities we get to shoot with you the more photos you will get

How much is the deposit?

We require a £200 non-refundable deposit to secure your wedding date.

What happens if it rains on my wedding day?

This is not a problem- I have photographed many weddings where it has rained and there is no need for it to ruin your day. If it’s only showers then we can endeavour to work around the weather, however we can also use the rain to create some fun shots with some cooperation from you. We ask that you provide some wedding umbrellas for the bridal party (and wellies if you would like) in order to keep you as dry as possible and create a focal point for the photos. We will endeavour to keep you as dry as possible (our cameras don’t much like rain either) but the photographs that can be achieved are so worth it! If you would like to see some exmaples of wedding photographs we have done in the rain click here

We dont want all serious shots, can we have some fun shots?

We love doing fun shots.  They really do lighten the mood and they turn out great. This can be anything really from having superhero t shirts under your suits or being chased by a dinosaur. All we ask is that if you are planning anything like this that we be notified about it before the day. If you would like to see some examples of fun wedding photographs we have done click here.

I’m only having a small wedding, would I still require a full day photography package?

We only offer full day coverage for weddings as we want to give our full commitment to you on your day. The work and effort that goes into the preparation for a wedding, photographing your day and editing the photographs is very similar even if you are only having a small wedding.

Do you use flash during the ceremony?

In a word, no! Although churches especially can be dark, we personally feel it is intrusive to use a flash and so instead we like to keep a low profile throughout the ceremony and use natural light for the photographs.

What are the implications on the photography if I have my wedding in winter?

We would recommend a ceremony time no later than 1pm in order to allow time outdoors for photographs before it gets dark. It is often cold, so consider providing warm shawls for the bridal party.

Our Vicar is worried about the photographer disrupting the ceremony, what should we do?

During the ceremony, we avoid moving around, we remain as subtle as possible and don’t use flashes. This is something that you should discuss with the Vicar before the day and find out where they would like the photographer/photographers to be positioned in the church (we usually like the primary photographer to be positioned at the front of the church and if you are having a second photographer, they usually stand at the back). Your wedding day is not the time for this confrontation to arise as we would like it to run as smoothly as possible.

Do we need to feed you on the day?

While this isn’t a requirement, it’s very much appreciated when food is provided. If you would like to provide food, we don’t expect to be eating your wedding food, something from a bar menu would do just nicely. As a general rule though, we will go and eat while you are eating as no one wants their pictures taken while they are scoffing food.

Will you arrange the group shots at the wedding if we wanted?

We are more than happy to arrange the group photographs from a standard list if you’d like based on the typical requirements. However, if your family/friendship groups are complex, then we suggest making a list of around 15 groups that you would like photographs with. This is often the hardest part of a wedding day, very much like herding sheep and it is useful if you ask someone to take care of gathering people ready for their photo to be taken.