Please find below galleries from real weddings we have photographed in the last couple of years.

We concentrate our efforts in composing beautiful images and providing them in sharp, well exposed, balanced selection of colour and black and white images. I take great pride in finding inovative ways to take photos and have created a nice reputation for myself for using the dramatic skies in backdrops to many of my couple shots.

The images below are merely samples from each of the weddings. Each of these couples would have received between 600-800 final images.

The Wedding of David & Emma

The Wedding of Mark & Carly

The Wedding of Lee & Steph

The Wedding of Craig & Amanda

The Engagement of James & Jo

What if it rains?


Don't Panic! We live in Britain, and even in the middle of summer there is a fair chance it could rain on your wedding day. It strikes fear into most couples for obvious reasons. Everything becomes more difficult in the rain, including photography. No one wants to go outside, and inside alternatives rarely come close to beautiful grounds and natural light.

When it rains it can be a little difficult to get outside... but not impossible. We always recommend that our couples buy themselves a plain white and plain black umbrella (just in case). Better to have one and not need it. By having these, suddenly going outside is a viable option again and photography can not only continue but take all sorts of kooky twists. We pride ourselves in being able to fish out beautiful photos from the rain, which often means us going out in it too.

See below a few photos we have taken on rainy days. Just remember... a little preparation and willingness can create beautiful images.

Want some FUN photos?


Are you a big kid at heart? Want to have some fun with the photos? I'm both fun and flexible enough to accomodate you should you have any requests. This can be anything from carrying the groom to running away from a dinosaur.

All we ask is that you discuss this ahead of the big day and allow more time for it if required. 

Skies the limit

Over the years I have developed the love for photographing couples agasint the sky. Most weddings will produce a sky come sunset in one form or another. It's great when those cloud formations and dreamy sunset colours start to develop. It normally sends me into a something of a panic as you get a window of about 10 minutes of pure gold light, and often its not at a convenient time in the wedding. Boy oh boy is it worth it. Natures most spectacular backdrop behind you and your partner. Lookthrough this gallery for a few I have been lucky to get in 2015 / 2016. 

Obviously shots like this are at the mercy of mother nature herself.. so its very much a case of cross your fingers.