How many weeks is ideal for a pregnancy photography session?
Maternity sessions are typically done between 32 and 36 weeks. The timing is different for everyone and I recommend that you don’t wait too late because you will never know when the baby will actually come.

How soon should I schedule my session?
It’s never too early to schedule your maternity session. Sometimes I can accommodate last minute requests, but I recommend a 2-3 week notice. If you would like a weekend appointment it is important to book early as Saturday's book up well in advance.

Where is your studio located?
Like all of my studio styled work, they are done from our home in Thurmaston (we are hoping for an upgrade soon). Location options are done on request, but often somewhere picturesque in Leicester, sometimes Abbey Park, Watermead Park or Bradgate Park.

Does time of the day matter when scheduling a studio pregnancy photo shoot?
No. In-studio maternity sessions are done with professional lighting equipment so the time of the day does not matter.


What is the cost of the maternity session?
See my prices page for this.


Do you provide fabrics/wraps?
Yes. I have a small selection of beautiful sheer fabrics for draping as well as maternity gowns and lace robes. However, the gowns are suitable for sizes 8-14.

Can my partner or my child be in the pictures?
Absolutely! The father of your child and siblings are welcome and encouraged to join. Kids really make these images cuter.

How do I prepare for the session?

  • Try not to wear tight underwear and clothing on the day of the session to prevent marks on your skin.

  • You may like to treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure a day or two in advance.

  • Prepare your hair and make-up before you get to the session.

  • I recommend applying slightly more make-up than you would usually wear, accented cheek bones and plenty of mascara.

  • Hair down always looks beautiful especially with movement from the fan.  If you can, soft natural curls look incredible.

What should I wear for my pregnancy photo session?
Some of the popular clothing items are:

  • Bandeau tops

  • Lingerie

  • Form fitting dresses

  • Flowy maxi dresses

  • Statement necklaces

  • Lacy/sheer robes

Do I have to be nude?
Not at all. All of my maternity sessions are customised and tailored to the needs of each client. Some clients prefer clean and simple artistic nude photographs and wraps, while others prefer to wear less revealing outfits or to be fully clothed.


Should I be concerned about extra weight (chin, arms, thighs) and stretch marks?
I want you to feel beautiful and relaxed during your photography experience as well as to treasure your final images. Professional retouching is included in your session and you don’t have to worry about any imperfections such as blemishes, stretch marks and certain body contours.


Will you guide me and help me pose?
You are in good hands and I want to make sure that you will have the best selection of artistic images. I will be guiding you throughout your session, adjusting your hair, draping you, helping with outfits and making sure you feel comfortable and relaxed.

I would like to take similar images/poses that I saw in your portfolio. Can we do that?
Yes. You can pick your favourite lighting/backdrop set ups and poses from my portfolio and you are welcome to bring your own ideas as well.

Will I get any images included with the price?

Yes Yes Yes. Many photographers start rubbing their hands together at this point and will attempt to triple their money. Not me. I work differently. You will get a full set of edited final images, plus a folder of unedited outtakes.

What is the turnaround time?
It typically takes 2 weeks to complete the retouching process.  You will be notified by email when your online gallery is ready.


What if I need a slight touch up on a final image?
I want you to be 100% satisfied with your final images, so additional touch ups are included in your session.

Will my final images be in colour or black & white?
When I feel it suits the image I will use a black and white edit.

Can I purchase prints from you?
Nope. That’s not my gig. However you are 100% permitted to take my images to printing services whether they by online or off the highstreet. If you need a release for this they are available on request.

Will my images stay private?
If you do not wish me to ever use the images I take for self promotion purposes then there is a £50 privacy fee. Considering I don’t charge you for images or attempt to flog you product I need to recoup my costs by getting more business and that can only be done by using my images on my website or social media. Obviously only the very best quality and tasteful images are used in this way.