Newborn Photography

Hi, so youve either just had a baby or you are expecting a baby. You want some photographs of them to celebrate them arriving or want to remember forever them when they were the tiniest. Well you are definetly in the right place.


Newborn photography is one of the most rewarding genres of photography, but it is also one of the hardest. The tiniest of subjects take more equipment, more props, more time and infinate more patience than just about all other types of photography.

Over the years ive seen hundreds of babies and have built up all of the above to be able to cater for this type of work. I have invested heavily in props, materials, studio equipment, backdrops, floordrops especially for this type of work, this collection will only continue to grow.

One of questions I get asked the most is...

When should my baby be photographed?

The sweet spot for newborn photography is 5-10 days after birth. This can be adjusted a little if baby comes early or late. What I need to emphasise to new mothers is that once they get past 12 days old it becomes expinationally harder to photograph them in the Newborn style and we wont be able to complete the job.

Why So Early? 

Once baby is out the clock is ticking, for those first two weeks baby is still very much adapting to being outside, getting used to feeding and already is starting to develop. At this stage they require alot of sleep, which is ideal for our delicate posing for the photographs. Much beyond 12 days they become much less cooperative, they start to wake up when being posed, remain awake for longer and wriggle alot more.

How do I book?

If you a pregnant then notify me that you intend on a newborn shoot and I will pencil in your due date. Its important thay once baby is born that you get a message over to me as soon as possible and we'll do our very best to find you a time slot.

If you have already given birth then this can be a little more difficult due to availability. But pop me a message and I will endeavour to find you a time slot.

Further questions will be answered within our FAQ section here.