Before your photoshoot

When preparing for a Photies portrait session, the following considerations should be made:
Firstly you need to decide who you would like to be involved in the session, be it maternity, newborn, children, teenagers, adults, family, pets etc.

The portable studio requires a 3x3m area in which to set up. Before the shoot it’s much easier if a space has been created, which often means moving a small amount of furniture around. For only a couple of subjects, this space can be reduced in size.


What to have ready

Dependent on the style you are after and the people involved, you will need to prepare different changes of outfits, as many as you wish, that will work well for the intended shoot. If you require any ideas on what will work best then you can get inspiration from our portrait gallery or ask us for ideas. As well as this, if you require any props or want to incorporate any items that mean something to you, then you should have these ready.


Further considerations for children

Another consideration to make is the time in which you have the shoot, for example with newborns and toddlers it is important to work around naps, feeding times and when they are usually at their happiest.


How Photies can help

We have a wide selection of props for younger children, sometimes babies will need help sitting up so we have baskets, cases, boxes that can be used. We also have materials and furs which can be used.

We will make the most of all circumstances and get the most from each and every session to create some lasting memories that will be unique to you.