Photies Portrait Photography

We have always prided ourselves in producing great portrait sessions at affordable prices so that they are available to all. It also means that updating your photos on a regular basis is quite achievable. By keeping our prices low it allows families to return year by year which we think is wonderful as we get to see your families grow right in front of our lens.


We offer 3 basic types of portrait shoots:

  1. White Backdrop (High-key) This is by far our most popular type of photoshoot. You can sit, you can stand, you can lay down. It's simple, bright, elegant and looks great when completed. It works both with the kids and families.
    Suitability: Young children, Small families, couples - Max of 5-6 people.


  2. Black Backdrop (Low Key) We use this when we want to create more of an artistic impression with the photographs as it allows us to be more selective with the lights. If you prefer dark and broody then request the black backdrop.
    Suitability: Couples, Maternity, Fitness - Max of 4-people.


  3. Location We go out on location when we want a natural feel or picturesque backdrop to the photographs. We will meet you at the pre arranged location and walk and shoot around that area. 
    Suitability: ALL