Welcome to my video section, here you will find some examples of video that I have created over the last couple of years. While I dont consider myself a videographer I am very fond of the format and very much enjoy creating wonderful videos. Many of the skills and equipment transfer over from standard photography so I find it quite an easy transition. Below you will find some projects I have planned, prepped, filmed and edited.

If you would like me to do some video work for you this is done on a job by job basis, so send me a message and I will provide a quote.

Bradgate Park By Air

This video project started with me acquiring a brand new quadcopter, gimbal and camera which I wanted to put to good use pretty much straight away. After learning the basics of flight I set about collecting footage from various points around Bradgate Country Park. I wanted to film something beautiful and amazing, some place important to me. That place was Bradgate Park. The quadcopter allowed me to collect wonderful smooth silky footage which has edited together wonderfully.
This video represents about 10 individual visits to various parts of Bradgate Park, by design I wanted to visit the places that hold most interest and diversity. Each visit I would collect about 40 minutes of footage, trying and repeating various angles and trajectories. I went at various times of day but favoured sunrise (5:22am) due to the position of the sun and lack of people in the footage.

Bradgate is a beautiful country park in Leicester which is home to hundreds if not thousands of dear, it contains stunning landscapes and is a wonderful place to go and visit. The rangers, wardens and staff do a fantastic job all year round maintaining the facilities for the public to enjoy.

The video was filmed natively at 1080i 25fps and was flown between 1 and 200 feet in altitude. It was all filmed by eye, not first person view (so mostly best guess)

This video was filmed in a non-commercial capacity

Watermead Park By Air

This video represents about 15 individual visits to various parts of Watermead Park throughout September. Due to the popularity of the park I had to do this almost exclusively at sunrise, between 5:30am and 6:30am on very selective days that the weather permitted flying. I not only wanted to capture the beauty of the park but to do it against interesting weather and atmospherics, selecting mornings with interesting cloud formations or mist.
This video essentially starts at one end of Watermead Park and finishes at the other zigzagging through the park as I went. I decided to start with the parks most recognisable land mark, the Mammoth monument in Thurmaston and worked up the park from there, featuring Mammoth Lake, King Lear Lake, The bird sanctuary  & John Merrick Lake and all the other little interesting and quirky parts of the park that you wouldn’t necessarily be able to see on foot. I wanted to show the beauty of this park from a perspective like never before.
From a filming perspective I used knowledge I had gathered from filming the Bradgate video and the experience shows in how I shot this video. Unlike the Bradgate video a huge proportion of this video was filmed over water which made it quite a nervous one to film as a splash landing would destroy the quadcopter and camera instantly. Luckily for me some careful flying and some good luck saw that didn’t happen. Due to the park being closer to home I ended up over filming some parts which meant a lot of footage was edited out, some great footage at that, but needed to leave the video well balanced and not eternally long.

The video was filmed natively at 1080p 25fps and was flown between 1 and 200 feet in altitude. It was all filmed by eye, not first person view (so mostly best guess)

This video was filmed in a non-commercial capacity

Durango RC - Concept Video

This video from the conception was to be considered a proof of concept for filming high speed RC cars. Chris Doughty from Team Durango, who happens to be a close personal friend of mine and veteran RC driver offered up his Durango DEX8 as well as his mighty fine driving skills.

We set about this project by thinking of ways to film a tiny high speed RC car. We fashioned a few mounts on the car itself, used cameras on poles to capture the car travelling through the air as well as a fully gimbal'd quad copter. We filmed everything @120-240 FPS so that we could slow the action right down in selected parts of the video. 

Despite having a helicopter to follow the car i soon learned that it could not keep up  off the line so we utilised rolling starts and momentum (and probably Chris easing of the throttle)

The video was filmed in less than 2 hours in a single session at a BMX track between 5:50 am and 7:40 on a weekday morning so to not be interrupted. This backfired a little when the quadcopter became of interest to a brute of a bulldog who desperately wanted it. While it took less than 2 hours to film, projects like this generally catch up with you in the edit, which this did.... to the tune of 10 hours editing.

Chris and I learned alot from filming this and we hope to do more with different cars, locations and ideas.

Charlotte Campbelle - Music Video

Way back in April / May time I got in contact with a singer songwriter called Charlotte Campbell from London and pondered the question would she like to make a music video with me. Obviously I wanted to use my quadcopter so asked about that to. I got a wonderfully positive response and we eventually set a date aside in June.
Due to restrictive schedules we only had one morning and afternoon to get it done. This meant really crossing our fingers regarding the weather as Charlotte had already booked a train and hotel. We decided to go for it and went all in.
On that morning I got up at 3:30am packed my kit, picked Charlotte up and raced the sunrise all the way to Bradgate Park. We parked up and made haste up the hill quickly unpacked and started filming. It was cold, still dark and we were both super tired. But we got on with it. The sunrise was out of this world and features on the opening seconds of this track. It really goes to show getting up early, making that effort really is worth it. I filmed a mixture of SLR and quadcopter footage as the morning went on until i had used all my batteries...though it was only about 7:30am still. We packed up and went to recharge everything in preparation for another wave of filming at another set of locations around the park.
We filmed alot that day and i probably have enough footage to make several music videos. Once the day was complete I sent Charlotte off back to London and the editing phase began. Little could prepare me for what was to follow, the lip syncing element to the editing was hard work, and i hadnt necessarily helped myself with how I had filmed. I stuck with it and sent over edit after edit to Charlotte who made suggestions and recommendations. After about a month of fiddling it was done. I sent it off and it has remained dormant until Charlotte was ready to release it.
I very much enjoyed this project, was great to get my teeth into, and would love to do more like it in the future.

The Warehouse Gym - Business Promo

This was a comission to create a promo video for a strongman / bodybuilding facility in Leicester called The Warehouse Gym. The owner wanted to show all the gym had to offer in an eye catching fast moving montage style video. I approached this with an introduction as if he was opening up and it was just another day. The video really came together well and used on the gyms homepage and has since viewed 13,000 times.