Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life, a celebration of your love for one another featuring everyone who is important to you in a one off gathering which will be completely unique to you. It will be the pinnacle of all your planning, from the preparation phase in the morning, right through to holding each other at the end of the night. There are so many things to arrange, plan and prepare. With so many people, so many details, so many moments, it is so very important to capture as much of it as you can. This is where we come in.  While your day will be over within a relative heartbeat, the job of the photographer is an incredibly busy one. We don’t simply just take photographs; we document your day, capturing the story from start to finish including the fine details and small moments you might have missed. These moments we capture will allow you to reminisce about your wedding for the rest of your lives.

I have been honoured  to photograph over a hundred weddings throughout the last few years and during that time have refined the process and skillset required to fulfil that all important role. 

​So, let’s start at the beginning:

​You require a wedding photographer… Why choose us?

​This is a very difficult question to answer. But I will try.

  1. I hope you like my photograph examples in my galleries and portfolio

  2. I hope my demeanour and professional attitude towards photographing a wedding would put me ahead of the pack.

  3. I hope my non-stressful, light hearted approach is a desirable quality.

  4. I hope being reliable, smartly dressed and on time is important to you.

While all of the above is true, in today’s world it often comes down to value for money. It's usually the very first question that is asked. Luckily, I am immensely competitive with both my price and the number of photographs that I deliver. Please see my prices for further information on this.

Without a doubt the attribute that is worth paying for the most is experience & passion. I get a lot of my bookings from recommendations or better still from guests of weddings i've worked. To me this is fantastic as it means i'm doing something right. I get constantly commended for making the process light hearted and fun for the bride and groom.


We are also extremely child friendly at weddings, engaging with kids really allows us to take some wonderful images. This skillset comes from photographing thousands of children over the years and allows us to create some wonderful cute moments with little ones. See our behind the scenes gallery here

What's our Style?

This question often gets thrown about, especially on wedding photography websites. I would say my style covers a spectrum of styles which adapts to each part of the day.


I often rely upon reportage/documentary style photography during the moments that occur organically in a wedding day such as the ceremony and first dance. This means being unobtrusive, candid and not interacting with the bride and groom. We capture these moments as they happen, often without you noticing we are there.


There are times when the photographer needs to step up and help things along as to not hold up proceedings and to prevent the guests from becoming bored and agitated. For example, during the group shots and cake cut we can often be under time pressure from the venue, so we will get the job done as efficiently as possible.


This part is my favourite part of a wedding day. It’s that bit of time when it is just us. These photos simply do not occur naturally so a little walking, posing, and setting up is required. Not to worry though, I’ve done it hundreds of times and will make it as painless as possible. I will even do my best to make it light hearted and fun, which does wonders for reducing those stiff, stressed out grumpy shots and make you as relaxed as possible.

Photies Wedding Photography

Unfortunately I am not taking new bookings for 22/23 at this time